Today many students err on the side of mistakenly thinking that personal essay writing is a piece of cake. But, as you might’ve probably guessed, it’s far from being so. The truth is, great personal essays result only when hard work, patience and next-to-impeccable writing skills are combined in one solid personal paper.

Now ask yourself, are you committed and focused enough to deliver an excellent personal writing assignment? Great, the following hints will help you achieve the goal.

Choosing the right topic

First and foremost, the issue of how to write a personal essay up to the mark is closely related to making a massive impact on the reader. Conveying a memorable message via emotions, appealing to audience’s subconsciousness and triggering vivid imaginary are the three cornerstones in the arch of turning in a spotless personal essay.
When picking a topic for your composition, do your best to come up with an intriguing, yet captivating theme. In a personal essay for college application, for example, you’ll have to suggest a topic that’s closely connected to academia and your school years. If it’s a simple narrative on a random topic, still come up with an engaging and breath-taking story to aim for the best result.

Hints that always pay off

You’ll be surprised to find out how many students choose third person singular and even plural for personal essay writing purposes. But that’s an entirely wrong approach, as only first person singular is allowed. For a change, you can embed an anecdote or a dialogue into your essay to score more credits.
As you’ve already learnt, great personal essays appeal to the emotional side of the reader. To do it, refer to sensory perceptions using corresponding verbs and adjectives. Peculiar and unsuspected details and characteristic features will do as great. Using transitory words is also highly advised.
Remember, a personal essay is a relatively short piece consisting of five extensive paragraphs. How to write a personal essay that fits into the standard? Chop off unnecessary details, which you consider less important and less vivid. Stick to words and sentences that are lively, action-based and eye-catching. In your conclusion, don’t forget to specify the point of the story, preferably with an unexpected twist of the plot or some hooking food for thought.

Great personal essays for your reference needs

To boost your writing competence, consider downloading a sample personal essay for college and university level students. It’s the 100% legit way to improve your writing by studying best practices and creative moves applied by the leading classmen and academic writers. Learning from the best makes you better, so getting a reference essay to look up genuine ideas and smart writing moves is a nice catch even for those who’ve never been in the writer’s block.