Ecology has been a major and frequent topic for essays since…well, since always. As the issue is urgent, educational establishments all over the world are trying to raise awareness by offering their students to do some research in this area.

Water and air pollution are two types of pollution that come to your mind first when you try thinking in this direction, and it is pretty easy to write a decent paper about them.

First of all, start with defining the notions for yourself. Do you fully understand what air pollution is? Since when does it exist? Where does it come from? As it has been in the news since the time of the industrial revolution, you can find plenty of information in this regard. Research about carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide release, chlorofluorocarbons and their main sources.

Then, move to water pollution. Did you know that its sources can be divided into two groups – those we can monitor and control and those we can’t? The first group includes, for instance, wastes of plants and factories, while the second is much more complicated and might include depositing of air pollutants in water. There is plenty of information to obtain.

After you did your research, start planning. The essay will go as usual – introduction, main body and a conclusion. If you want to not only describe types of pollution, but also their sources and effects, as well as offer means to decrease it, you can use the structure of a regular comparative essay. For example:

Para 1: Water pollution sources/Air pollution sources

Para 2: Water pollution types/Air pollution types

Para 3: Water pollution effects/Air pollution effects

Para 4: Ways to decrease water pollution/Ways to decrease air pollution


Para 1: Water pollution sources

Para2: Air pollution sources

Para 3: Water pollution types

Para 4: Air pollution types

Para 5: Water pollution effects

Para 6: Air pollution effects

Para 7: Ways to decrease water pollution/

Para 8: Ways to decrease air pollution


Para 1: Water pollution sources

Para 2: Water pollution types

Para 3: Water pollution effects

Para 4: Ways to decrease water pollution

Para 5: Air pollution sources

Para 6: Air pollution types

Para 7: Air pollution effects

Para 8: Ways to decrease air pollution

As you see, the choice is up to you.

A few words about conclusion. Don’t simply restate what you have already said. Summarize the key points in view of what you have found out and try making forecasts for the future. Make room for your personal experience of helping protect the environment and reduce pollution. Do not be afraid to use numbers – this is the kind of paper where they’re welcome.

Also, do not make the common mistake of sounding tragic and sentenced to death. Yes, pollution is a grave problem, and it does call for some action, but do not mourn your reader to death. Instead, offer ways to deal with it.

Proofread your paper carefully and then put it aside. When you go back to it in a couple of days, you will see what needs fixing.

Now your pollution essay is ready! The topic is not as dull as it seems, and the process is also not that hard. The most difficult thing is to start writing. Once you do, everything will fall into place. Ecology is an important and exciting thing to write about, and you can cope with it quite easily.