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Easy Essay about Water Pollution or Air Pollution

Ecology has been a major and frequent topic for essays since…well, since always. As the issue is urgent, educational establishments all over the world are trying to raise awareness by offering their students to do some research in this area. Continue reading

How to Get Free Essay Help?

Looking for free essay help? Then you definitely need to search for online essay services. There, you’ll be able to find both answers to the most pertinent issues and help with accomplishing your particular assignment. Continue reading

Software Review: MemoryKeeper keeps your Mac quick

Recently my Mac started running slow, so I was looking for apps that could speed it up quickly and easily. After I had stumbled upon MemoryKeeper, I decided to give this app a try. The review said that my Mac could be running slow not only because useless files or viruses, but also because it had not enough RAM. It also said that the RAM optimization apps such as MemoryKeeper could fix it. So I thought, “Why not?”

I downloaded and installed the app. It appeared to be very intuitive and easy to use. Actually, ease of use is the number one priority for me. If I don’t have very much time to learn new stuff and if I see that the app has a complex interface, I just stop using it and start looking for other apps. You may say that the search also takes time, but, believe me, it takes less time than digging into an unfamiliar interface. As for MemoryKeeper, its look and feel turned out to be close to that of the Mac OS native apps, and I pretty much appreciate that.

So I scanned my Mac with MemoryKeeper and discovered that quite a big amount of RAM was occupied by apps that needed to consume the most of the system resources for their proper work. I use these apps for my daily work, so I cannot just uninstall them. What I needed was a quick and instant memory cleanup, so I just hit the “Clean Memory” button. In a few minutes, the memory was freed and I could enjoy a fast Mac again. Pretty easy, isn’t it? I also told the app to schedule future memory cleanups for me, as for sure I’ll be using my resource-intensive programs again. Now all my memory cleanups are carried out in the background without any interaction from my side.

What else can I say about MemoryKeeper? Well, nothing but the fact that this little app did a huge job of speeding up my Mac. It saved me time and money for adding more RAM to my Mac. It is a true gift to all Mac fans, and I’m quite impressed with the results.

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