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  1. Not a fan of cramming before an exam? Make the list of points you want to cover before things start getting real crazy. Add them to your organizer and check on them in case of an emergency, and by that we mean having no time to prepare. If you enjoy a good old school notebook, give it a shot. For those who prefer a more quick paced learning schedule there are computer planners allowing you to get enough rest in between the exams.
  2. If you hear ‘I want to pay someone to do my homework’ more than once, we have good news on schedule. You can manage your time by obtaining a planner. It can be a small notebook you carry around or a more expensive, in-depth organizer – anything that serves as a reminder at the end of the day. There are nights we don’t even want to get started with work, and just dream of Netflix nonstop. You have to know those moments and learn to concentrate even if your only desire is sleep.
  3. You can revise the material after class, but don’t forget to do it daily. Most students come home and think their job ends there. Sorry to disappoint you – it’s only the beginning. After you take notes during the lecture (we don’t insist on a specific method, just make sure you understand what’s written), you have to re-read them at least twice so that the material is imprinted in your head. If it is a last minute practice, you just won’t be able to look through your notebook without actually missing something, so you’d better plan on revising ahead. Besides, the more notes you take, the bigger chances are that you are going to memorize at least some of them.
  4. Sometimes, when you take notes, they can be a little sloppy. In order to make a good impression, try turning your notebook into a piece of art. Use colorful pencils, pens and highlighters, whatever it is you wish to make a candy out of your everyday notes. This is not just about the aesthetics of the approach, it is about accuracy and memorizing. Studies prove that carefully arranged information makes it easier to learn. Cosmetic attitude to notebook can result in higher grades. And again, even if we have been talking about it before, we advise you to write as much as you can.
  5. If you are horrible at memorizing dates (this is especially true with history), wait for a teacher to give you prompts. For people who need an outline before they start writing an actual essay this is a gold mine. If you are one of the teacher’s top students and manage to get all the tips beforehand, try to make the most out of them by organizing a plan of your studies. Take a blank sheet of paper and make a list of preparation steps to achieve your purpose.

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